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Primary Colours

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A primary colour is any of the colours from which all other colours can be made. They are the first colours you learn; a foundation for your artistic knowledge as well as for each colour variant you mix. All colours can be traced back to these, the red, the yellow, and the blue.

Primary colours are the keys to create.

Those three colours are powerful colours, powerful like the artist and through that artist, visually, these colours speak to so much with every brush stroke they form. The artist has the responsibility and must shape ideas and feelings and concepts to produce their interpretation of the minute details they see. Evident in this action is the use of the primaries to form a prominent creation sometimes subtle, sometimes bold.

Like the Creation by God the Ultimate Creator.

Primary emotion, primary instinct, volatile emotion; the very emotions come out from the colours of the canvas.

Creating secondary and tertiary colours further pulls the viewer in, evolving their feelings. Different shades and tints used by the artist can illustrate a range of emotions whether intentional or not.

RED can be viewed as the same yet different. Warm red, Cold red, Blood red. Hot and fiery paired with sexy and bold. Seen often as a rich and vibrant hue it exuberates power and dominance. Those warriors with painted faces, used to inflict fear and to show strength. Life blood, love, luscious […] strawberries and cherries on top of a desert decadent meant to display a calmer mood but still having that highlight of red fruit that is a sudden burst of colour and flavour.

YELLOW is upbeat and sunny, full of hope, spring in our step, warm and fuzzy, radiant and holy. Almost like red it is utilized to make things pop and stand out. Like a child’s drawing, that sun in the corner of the page always draws the eye first. Followed by the sunflowers and daisies. But every colour has its flipside. Yellow has a strong inclination for both liveliness and discourage. The duller your yellow, the duller the emotion becomes. You can find at times it emits a warning or caution or decay or sickness.

BLUE speaks spirituality. Ethereal beings and elements. It can be cool, calming. Contrarily it promotes coldness and sadness and solace. “Royalty blue blood” gives the feeling of jazzy yet distance. Blue expanse of the sky, open and light; light blue or perhaps deep blue almost black and fathomless like the ocean. The ocean runs. A Prussian blue, describes a depth unimaginable, like an artist’s mind just before the colours erupt from the chasm of knowledge they hold.

The visual artist is swimming in a watery bed, the richest and purest of blues shifting tones and tints until suddenly they rise in seconds to a red hot passion loud and strong, only to return to a calming soft sweet yellow valley enjoying a bright cherry vanilla sundae with a perfect red cherry on top. The existing colours complement each other as they spread in range but the primary colours are always the ones responsible for the initial burst of expression. A roller coaster of emotions coming off of a canvas of colours.

The sum of a primary of colours, in turn reflects our Primary Instinct.

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