Tracey | Freedom in Art to Create
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Freedom in Art to Create

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What is freedom?

As we know, ‘freedom’ is the term for the privilege to speak, act or think for oneself without any hindrance or oppression.

Therefore, what is freedom as it relates to visual art?

Simply, it is the ability to conjure and express, to explore uncharted places and be liberated. It is an artist, taking his or her thoughts and ideas into a theme and producing something unique through whatever medium they choose. It should be every artist’s right to the choice of not choosing those inhibitions that damper creativity but to allow their emotions to flood their canvas or journal.

Art can be seen as the sole form that is meant to allow and nurture this stream of creative energy. That Freedom comes with the instinct of an artist, to express our views and ideas in a visual context whether it is political, spiritual, emotional, or graphic. To do such we take up the brushes with their varying styles and purposes, we sharpen the graphite no matter the grade and we mix and experiment with the colours of the spectrum in hopes to communicate. Communicate what is in the artist’s mind and to relay it to others or perhaps for ourselves to witness it, giving opportunities to describe what we as humans know but in the ways that we know it. The product revolves around and examines people, objects and scenes and physical expression transforming what was once an idea into something tangible and real.

Black and White, grey tones in contrast with the reds, yellows and blues come to life as a dialogue between the artist and the viewer. Who makes this abstract idea a reality for him or herself? That is the question aimed at any one who is influenced by an art piece. We create and create, looking forward to the next creation, the next project because of that dialogue and because of the freedom we have.

Our hearts are heavy with a burden, a clever special honour as though we are tasked to carry a torch to every checkpoint of our existence. The flame is the freedom and we as producers and creators it is in our being, to be free.

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